Free in Padua: improve your french pronunciation with the Alliance Française Association

Are you a foreign guest in Padua? Never heard about French? Are you interested in experiencing something particular? Then this is your occasion to plunge into French!

The Alliance Française of Padua is organising a workshop of French corrective phonetics in the period from the 22nd to the 29th of August. In this occasion, several professors of French from the whole Europe will come to Padua to attend a course in order to improve their French pronounce teaching. These professors will have the possibility to experiment the method they’ve learned directly on people and this is where you all come into play. It doesn't matter wether you study French or not, you can participate to this workshop to improve your French pronunciation or just to make a different experience. It will be useful not only for your personal knowledge but also for your studies as, at the end of your experience, you'll receive a certification for your participation. So what are you waiting for??! Take your friends and join in!

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